Classical Guitar Tabs (Arrangements/Traditional)

Here, introductory music and etudes are exhibited for beginners of classical guitar, such as who are not familiar with playing in the fingers. Features of the music in this category are mainly as follows:

  • Masterpieces that are simple but have high musical perfection.
  • Tempo is not so fast, thus you can play patient and slowly.
  • Music that is compatible with guitar in technique, and fingering is simple.

Although they are beginner level, completeness of the music itself is high and classical guitar intermediates and seniors can enjoy them well enough.

All of the classical guitar tabs in this category are easy and very popular. It is also suitable for beginners such as the player who is not good at finger-style guitar.

Although these tabs are easy and simple, musical quality is so high. It would be also enjoyable for wide range of guitarists.

Classical Guitar Tabs

Tab No.   Classical Guitar Tabs Composers
Tab.1-1 : Romance Anonimo (1/2) Antonio Rubira
Tab.1-2 : Romance Anonimo (2/2) Antonio Rubira
Tab.1-3 : Romance Anonimo (Full Ver.) Antonio Rubira
Tab.1-4 : Romance Anonimo (Original Ver.) Antonio Rubira
Tab.2 : Greensleeves Eng. Folk Song
Tab.3 : My Grandfather's Clock Henry Clay Work
Tab.4 : Chopin's Etude Op.10 No.3 Frederic Chopin
Tab.5 : Chopin's Prelude Op.28 No.7 Frederic Chopin
Tab.6 : Bach's Minuet BWV Anh.114 J. S. Bach
Tab.7 : Lagrima Francisco Tarrega
Tab.8 : Plaisir d'Amour Jean Paul Egide Martini
Tab.9 : Waves of the Danube Iosif Ivanovici 
Tab.10 : Maria Luisa Julio Salvador Sagreras
Tab.11 : Sakura Sakura "Cherry blossoms" Japenese Traditional
Tab.12 : Aogeba Totoshi Japenese Traditional 
Tab.13 : Aura Lee George R. Poulton
Tab.14 : El Cóndor Pasa Traditional
Tab.15 : Amazing Grace Unknown
Tab.16 : Etude in E-minor Francisco Tárrega