Classical Guitar Tabs (Easy/Standard)

Here, classical guitar masterpieces are exhibited for the people, who are not satisfied with music for beginners. Features of the music in this category are as follows:

  • It is difficult to copy with ears because the structure of the music is complex and it is hard to think of fitting into a framework of a simple music theory.
  • It is somewhat difficult because their tonality is not always suitable for guitar (you cannot play them only based on open codes).
  • Maintenance of tempo and rhythm is likely to be hindered by technical difficulties.


The intermediate guitar tabs are slightly more difficult than "Easy Guitar Tabs." They have some features such as not easy to copy just by listening, and hard to keep the rhythm and speed due to technical difficulties. 

Tab No.   Classical Guitar Tabs Composers
Tab.1 : Bourree, Suite for Lute BWV996 J. S. Bach
Tab.2 : Villancico de Navidad Agustin Barrios Mangore
Tab.3 : Scarlatti's Sonata K011(L352) Domenico Scarlatti
Tab.4 : Legnani's Caprice No.7 Op.20 Luigi Rinaldo Legnani
Tab.5 : Gnossienne No.1 Erik Satie
Tab.6 : Rosita Francisco Tarrega
Tab.7 : Ciacona (Chaconne) Sylvius Leopold Weiss