Classical Music Tabs for Electric Guitar

Csárdás (Czardas)

Composer: Vittorio Monti

Status on the Original Works: Public Domain

Type: For Electric Guitar

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When you play an electric guitar, you may have experience that your fingers are moving casually and randomly though you are not practicing. For some people, it is playing a code, playing a favorite music, or practicing a scale. It will vary a lot depending on the person.

At such a time, I thought that it will be fun if you could play a famous melody of classical music. I arranged classical music for electric guitar and made them into to Tab scores. Electric guitar is good at claiming melody same as the violin, so there is no discomfort.

Scores for classical guitars are created, assuming a finger play; on the contrary, scores for electric guitar are intended for picking. It should be noted that you can choose any shape and hardness of a pick as you like.

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Electric Guitar Sheet Music of Classical Music, Csárdás (Czardas)

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